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    National Beading Week
    National Beading Week
    By Jane Yang on Jul 03, 2015 We have a special offer just for you in celebration of National Beading Week. Keep reading to find out more about the offer and NBW. Read More
    Beading Basics - Calottes
    Beading Basics - Calottes
    By Jane Yang on Apr 06, 2015 If you are new to jewellery-making, it can all be a bit confusing. When do you use crimps, folding crimps or calottes to finish jewellery? How are they different and why not just tie a knot? This article is going to focus on the Calotte and how they are used. Read More
    Beautiful Spiral Bracelet
    Spiral Bracelet
    By Jane Yang on Apr 08, 2015 Pink and olive tones can be combined to create really beautiful jewellery. This bracelet shows how perfect a match they are together. The gold really brings out the shimmer and sparkle of the silver-foil beads - especially in the olive coloured ones! And while the wire-working looks complicated, it is a actually a lot simpler than it looks. Read More
    How to use crimps
    Beading Basics - Crimps
    By Jane Yang on Apr 08, 2015 Crimps are small metal beads that can be flattened to fix clasps onto the end of jewellery or to fix beads in place on a floating necklace or bracelet. They are one of the basic findings that are regularly used in jewellery-making and are therefore an essential part of the toolbox. They are really easy to use and all you need is either a pair of needle-nose pliers or crimping pliers. Read More
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