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    National Beading Week

    , Jane Yang
    It's National Beading Week soon!
    We have a special offer just for you in celebration of National Beading Week. Keep reading to find out more about the offer and NBW.

    UK's very first National Beading Week (NBW) starts on the 25th July and I have been so excited figuring out what I can do to take part - mostly, it is designing my first ever beaded bunting which I was going to post to the organisers and trawl the NBW website for possible events around the UK that I could attend.

    Alas, Bead Aura is currently short-staffed and I am working overtime - which includes adding the 6000 shop stock items to our website and no spare time for play - sob! It's probably too late to make and send off my bunting now so I feel like I've missed out a bit this year but then again, NBW has not started yet so there is still a lot to take part, right?

    National Beading Week Logo
    National Beading Week is from 25th July to 2nd August.

    Even though I have not had the chance to take part in one of National Beading Week's numerous actitivies, one thing NBW has done is remind me of my love of beadweaving. The purpose of NBW is supposed to be, as the organisers have posted on their website:

    ...a time to celebrate our passion for beads, to encourage others to start beading and to support bead businesses around the country.

    While I have not recently had the time to start any new projects, NBW has reminded me how much I love beading. When you mix work and a hobby together, you can sometimes forget that you are passionate about it - endless admin work can do that to you!

    So last weekend, I took some time to trawl through all the boxes - actually, crates is probably a better word - of beads that I have and while I was lovingly stroking and staring at all the mesmerizingly, beautiful beads that I had collected over the years (and there are a lot!), I stumbled on some jewellery and accessories that I've made many years ago that I had unceremoniously thrown into some plastic bags that was wedged in the corner of all those beads.

    For example, I found my very first attempt at doing the peyote stitch using beads and instructions supplied by The Beadworkers Guild. It was meant to be a bracelet but as you can see, I got lazy and made it into a small ring instead!

    My first peyote stitch
    My first ever peyote stitch! I was so proud of myself! :)

    But my favourite stitch has always been the Right-Angle Weave Stitch which I learnt when I was 12 from a lady who ran a little stall which sold handmade jewellery and accessories in a place called Oriental City but is now the soon-to-be Morrisons.

    A beaded rose
    One of the items I found in my treasure chest. A lovely crystal rose.
    A tourmaline bracelet
    I decided to use some irregular Tourmaline chips rather than the typical seed beads and crystals for a more earthy, natural theme.
    A cute, little, beaded owl
    I think I made these about eight years ago! These cute, little owls are made from czech crystals and seed beads.

    I hope I've inspired some of you to try out some beadweaving, especially if you have not done it in a while. And if beadweaving is not for you, don't forget that NBW is about a passion for beads. That's anything from making beautiful earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings (and phone charms, bookmarks, photo frames...) to making the beads themselves! Then there's chainmaille and wirework and kumihimo...the list goes on!

    If you want to be more active about taking part, have a look at the NBW website (http://www.nationalbeadingweek.co.uk) to see if there are any events going on in your area or for the numerous activities and competitions that are happening right now.

    Bead Aura is embracing NBW as well. We are offering £5 off for any order over £10 during National Beading Week (that's between 25th July to 2nd August). Just type in NWB05 when you checkout for the offer to be applied.

    In the meantime, I might have a weekend free to start on a beading project soon...maybe I'll make that bunting so that I'll be ready for next year's National Beading Week!

    Happy Beading!